The Café Femenino® Coffee Project

Photo courtesy of Café Femenino, click on image for photo album - Farmer in Bolivia

The Café Femenino® Coffee Project is a social program for women coffee producers in rural communities around the world. Women coffee producers make up 30 percent of the 25 million coffee growers that are responsible for producing 75 percent of the world's coffee. Harsh gender inequality, poverty and abuse are rampant in these coffee production regions. Most women coffee producers have no rights, no income and are often abandoned by their husbands.

With determination and desire for a better future, over 460 women coffee producers in Peru united to take a step toward achieving empowerment. This step came in the form of growing, harvesting and producing their own coffee called Café Femenino. Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO) along with CECANOR Cooperative, PROASSA, CICAP and Cordaid joined forces to support the women in their efforts to achieve their goals. Together, the Café Femenino Coffee Project was founded in 2004.

Strong Coffee Documentary Today, the Café Femenino Coffee Project is a social program for women coffee producers in rural communities around the world. More than 1,500 women in Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru are active in the project to achieve empowerment, build social and support networks, and earn incomes through the production and sale of the Café Femenino Coffee. The success of the Project initiated the creation of The Café Femenino Foundation, which provides grants to select programs and projects that enhance the lives of women and their families in coffee growing communities around the world.

The Café Femenino Coffee is imported exclusively by OPTCO and distributed by more than 80 roasters whom pay a premium above the fair trade price. Café Femenino is high-quality, organic coffee that is left unblended to preserve the acidity, body, flavor and aroma that are unique to each Café Femenino Coffee variety.

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Kyoto Coffee® is proud to roast organic, fair trade coffees produced by the women of Café Femenino®....but first, as a coffee roaster, we had to agree to the following conditions...

  • The coffee must be sold with the name Café Femenino® on the label.

  • Café Femenino Coffee cannot be blended with any other coffee other than with another Café Femenino Coffee.

  • If possible, a woman in the roasting company should sign for the purchase of the coffee.

  • If possible, a woman should be involved in the sales and marketing of the coffee.

  • A minimum of $.05 per pound from the sales of the Café Femenino Coffee must be donated to a women’s crisis organization of your choice, or to the Café Femenino Foundation or to both.

... and, ofcourse, we did!

We are honoured to present to you:

CLICK HERE to purchase Café Femenino Coffee in support of The Café Femenino Coffee Project. Kyoto Coffee will small-batch roast it the same day it is to be shipped or picked up, for the freshest, best-tasting, organic, free trade coffee anywhere!
Thank you for your support!!

If you would like further information about Café Femenino or Kyoto Coffee, please contact us.